The Modo sales team knows property inside out. But more importantly, they understand how to create interest in a piece of real estate, marketing it so that competition is increased and the best possible price can be achieved.

We combine an outstanding knowledge of the local area and up-to-the-minute market conditions with no-problem-too-small service.

By treating every person we meet with warmth, fairness and respect, we establish trust and get the best result for our clients every time.

Maximising your Sale Price

Real estate is a subjective business. Why does the well-maintained 1920s property on 300 square metres of land sell for considerably more than the nearly identical well-maintained 1920s property on 300 square metres of land next door just two hours later?

Many factors come into play, but one of the most influential is marketing. And, with discriminating buyers everywhere these days, it’s never as simple as stating “This property is the best!”

Marketing a property adeptly is all about subtlety and thoughtfulness. It’s about careful selection of images and words, how they’re all put together and where they’re placed – in magazines? On boards? In newspapers? The answer isn’t always yes, yes and yes. At Modo we make certain we get the balance right so you get the best opportunity for the highest sale price.


Our Agent’s extensive experience in the commercial side of property sales and leasing has led to many outstanding results for our sellers and landlords. Director Richard Impiombato has personally been selling or leasing commercial assets for more than 23 years and was formerly the senior director of investment sales for a major international property group.

Our extensive client base means that we are also very active with discrete “off market” transactions.

Best to call our sales team and let us know what services you require or what we can do to help.

We can assist with industrial, retail, office, larger investment stock and more.


You might be selling your first home or be an experienced investor seeking a better sales experience.

You might be the owner of a hundred-year-old country cottage or a new inner-city townhouse.

Whatever your residential property requirement, we can help.

With real-time updates, world class marketing, and fantastic follow-up, it is no surprise that our team always get the job done!

Project Marketing

Our senior directors have long and proud records of success working on developments of all sizes and in locations throughout eastern Australia.

Get in touch if you need advice or assistance marketing your next property project, whether it be a small dual-occupancy or a major apartment block. No matter what you’re putting on the market, when you partner with Modo you’ll get the same level of professional service and enthusiasm.