What We Offer

We like to think much more about how we can help clients than about which particular property types or services we do and don’t want to focus on.

If a potential client, comes to us saying they need help with a specific real estate problem, our response will never be “Sorry, we don’t deal with that.” We’ll always do our very best to provide the best solution.

If you take a look through our website, you’ll see we mention broad categories like commercial real estate, residential real estate, property management, project marketing, investment and more. That may give you a very general idea of what we cover, but by far the best way of finding out if we can help you with your property question or requirement is to give us a call on 03 9817 6222.


The Modo sales team knows property inside out. But more importantly, they understand how to create interest in a piece of real estate, marketing it so that competition is increased, and the best possible price can be achieved.

Property Management

The Modo property management division can find you a tenant and manage your investment property. Our focus is on maximising returns by helping you choose the best tenants and keeping a close eye on rates in your area.


Property investment is complex and involving, which means it’s also time-consuming. As experts in the field of acquisition and investment, Modo can help you add to your portfolio by bidding, negotiating and buying on your behalf.

Vendor Portal

We believe complete transparency is the key to our success. Not just with the activities we undertake as your agents but in relation to all feedback and enquiries. Our clients can log into their own personalised accounts at any time and view all enquiry, statistics from online portals, any marketing expenditure, as well as live feedback from inspections and comments from their agent.