Be comfortable with the Real Estate Agent – not the location of the office.

Potential client: “I would love to hire you as my real estate agent, but your office is not my area”

These words ring like nails on a chalkboard. But you can’t be mad at a client for saying this, it’s the message our industry has been spewing since real estate agents came into existence.

The real estate agent’s office location doesn’t matter …

Every agent knows that an office’s geographic location literally makes zero difference to the performance of a property campaign. None what-so-ever….as long as the agent selected is 100% committed to a campaign’s success!

The way the Real Estate Agents industry utilizes technology today is amazing. From drone photography, full-blown video productions, and even virtual open homes. However, the most important advance has been agents’ access to information, the ability to really analyse market behaviour, and the insight into how to target purchasers.

Who is buying what, where, and how?

  • “Who” – Are there certain buyer groups that are more prominent purchasers in the area than others? First home buyers, upsizers, or downsizers?
  • “What” – Styles or sizes of homes that are more popular than others. How does this impact your property?
  • “Where” – Every suburb has its own flavour and desirable pockets, such as an exclusive estate or in a certain school zone. How do other properties that have sold or are being marketed compare?
  • “How” – What is affordability like? What is the funding market doing? Is the buyer likely to be selling their own home in order to afford the purchase or are they are first home buyer?

What should every real estate agent really do?

The technology that is available provides a well-supported platform for agents to do what they are actually hired to do: (1) advertise effectively to locate buyers; (2) negotiate and drive the price, and (3) keep the deal together.

Here’s the reality – every agent has access to the same services, at the same price. Most businesses run use cloud-based servers meaning agents don’t even have to be in the office to do their job and (newsflash) we all have access to transport!

The best agent for the job may very well be in a different area and honestly, it really doesn’t matter. The most important factors to consider when selecting an agent are their experience, enthusiasm, success history, and of course their value for money – we don’t mean the one with the lowest commission – remember that the cheapest agent is the one that gets you the most amount of money, and don’t forget that we don’t get paid until the job is done.  To find out more, give us a call at 03 9817 6222!

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