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First Time Commercial Tenant?

Thinking about leasing your first commercial property? Let us start by clarifying that it’s nothing like your typical residential lease! Commercial leases are tailored to reflect an agreement between a Landlord and Tenant; unlike residential, it is a very personalised document and very few commercial leases are the same.

Here’s a few things that first time commercial Tenants need to know:

1. Your … Read the full post »

10 Reasons Why Investors Prefer Commercial Properties Over Residential

Investors, sick of stock market fluctuations, are looking favourably towards property investment more than ever. While many start their portfolio with a residential purchase, those educating themselves on the upside of commercial are really seeing the advantages. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider investing in a commercial property:

Commercial investments typically offer higher cash flow and are usually positively geared.Unlike … Read the full post »