About Us

Real estate is a competitive industry. You only have to walk down a medium-sized shopping strip in any suburb of any city in Australia and you’ll see at least three well-established agencies within a few hundred metres of one another.

So why, you might be asking, run an independent agency in Melbourne, one of the most property obsessed (and competitive) cities in the world?

The answer is simple: after years of working for and meeting with other franchises, we knew we could do things better than just the industry standard. And we knew we could do that by drawing on our extensive knowledge of this industry. But more than that, we knew we could do it by giving clients an experience like nobody else.

Early in the days of setting up Modo, we had this belief confirmed.

We’d done all the administrative work, registered our name, made sure we’d dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s and now it was time to find a premises out of which to work. We rang more than a dozen agents who dealt in property management to enquire about advertised shops.

Only two called us back.
Two – that’s not a typo.

It was almost as if our enquiries were an imposition. It underscored an important point for us: knowledge is useless without a desire to help and a genuine enjoyment of dealing with people.

At Modo, we bring together expertise and enthusiasm.

We make property personal.