5 Things That Instantly Grab Buyer Attention When Selling Your Home

When selling your home, it’s critical to remember that you only have moments to make an positive first impression. By the time a buyer has taken their first few steps through the front door, it’s likely that they either envisioning themselves making an offer, or are already wondering how long it’s going to take to drive to the next open for inspection on their list.

5 Things That Instantly Grab Buyer Attention When Selling Your Home


Here are 5 things that you can do that will make an immediate positive impression when selling your home.


Repaint with a neutral colour – BEWARE of ‘clinical’ colours

You want the walls to be a backdrop rather than the main focal point in the home. A neutral colour works with any style and enhances the other features that the property has to offer.

A varying shade of white is the most popular choice but there are many different shades and (whilst unintentional) it’s easy to pick one that will feel cold and clinical. Tip: “Antique White U.S.A.” is Dulux’s most popular colour and rightfully so – it’s the perfect ‘warm’ shade of white!

Don’t feel like white…? A natural, warm colour can evoke a relaxed and welcoming mood when walking into a home for the first time. If you do feel inclined to paint in anything other than white – go straight to your local paint store and speak to a professional colour consultant. Trust us – the couple of hundred invested in their advice will pay off!


Pick Cut Pile Twist carpet over a loop pile carpet

There is nothing quite as magical as walking barefoot over brand-new, soft, fluffy, carpet. It’s smooth textured finish feels luxurious and expensive.

If you need to re-carpet your home prior to selling, we advise going with a cut pile twist carpet. The cut is ideal for high foot trafficked areas, as it is durable, softer, and will maintain its textured finish. Even though a loop pile carpet has a smooth look, it tends to catch and is more suited for commercial properties.

If your budget allows invest in a pure wool pile twist carpet and ask potential buyers take shoes off at the door. The soft carpet underfoot will make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


Tidy tight spaces

Front door lead into a small hallway? Small study or storage space at the front of the home?

There is most likely some space in your home that is a little tight such as the laundry, bathroom or study. One way to make it look even smaller is by filling it up with stuff. We know it’s tempting, but resist the urge to put too much décor in the space. If the home does need to be styled (which is often the case) be minimalistic. For example, if you have a study, use a thin desk with a small chair, lamp, and a mirror on wall – place it as far away from the door as you can. Give functionality to a room without making it cluttered.  It will make the whole home feel more vibrant and spacious.


Resting areas

A natural ‘pathway’ around the property will emerge so it’s important to leave aside space in each room (where possible) for small groups of buyers to stand. It gives them a little bit of space to contemplate the suitability of the property without interrupting or blocking other parties as they too move through the home. Natural flow will also feel more spacious.


Clean the glass windows INSIDE AND OUTSIDE

So many sellers skip this step. The natural, clean, unfiltered light is like putting the icing on top of the cake. Natural light is inviting and makes everything look more vibrant and warm. An abundance of light will also make the whole home feel larger.

And apologies if this sounds harsh, but lose the lace window coverings – it’s not 1970 anymore and they aren’t doing you any favours being there.


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